A world where organizations enjoy a sharper understanding of people, politics, media and the planet we share and with it, deliver a vastly superior "social good" ensuring success beyond their wildest imagination.
‚ÄčIntelligence is the game changer in the 21st Century
Intelligence is unique insight teased from many different sources of information that enables the user to gain genuine advantage in their endeavours.
Checkmate Analytics is a complete picture business intelligence service drawing on 35 years of experience in multi-sourced information gathering and assembly including the design of highly sophisticated exercises that model real life outcomes. Checkmate has the skill base to bring a whole of game strategy to the table to maximise your chances of success.
We are a business and political intelligence group with a background in psychology, statistics, economics, sociology survey research, marketing, business and finance, advertising and media. Over the last decade, its founders have conducted large scale B2B and B2C exercises in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, North Asia, North America and the UK.



Checkmate Analytics Mind Map


20th century strategies aren’t working in the 21st – why?
For most of the 20th century, business was about getting the four elements of product, price, sales & marketing (including customer service) and distribution working together within a positive work environment under sound financial management. In the 21st century that still applies but it is just one of the four pillars critical to the success of any enterprise i.e. the business model, the political landscape, media considerations and social impact.