The price paid for discounting the social and political impact of your decisions is going to be high.

Abbott doesn’t need to be liked – Rudd does!

Prepared by

Checkmate Analytics Pty Limited

In conjunction with

Australian Opinion Research , July 18, 2013



Between June 1, 2013 and July 15, 2013 Australian Opinion Research carried out an online survey with a national representative cross section of 5360 responders - 2390 completed the survey pre 9pm June 26 and 2970 post 9pm June 26, 2013.

These two databases have been statistically weighted to match key demographics of age and sex as well as geographic locations.

The survey is the most comprehensive political review done to date by Australian Opinion Research and includes a massive mood and attitude inventory on the population as well as a comprehensive social and news media review.

So the what has happened?

Tony Abbott does not have Kevin Rudd’s image. Therefore it will be much harder to raise Tony to Kevin than it will be to bring Kevin back to Tony. Remember that Tony and Julia were seen to be pretty much even-steven on the image front and that was enough to put Liberal ahead by 6% - 8%.

If the gloss comes off and Kevin falters between now and the election then the game will change rapidly.

“When you are finding it a struggle to feed your family this week, speculation about ocean levels in 2050 is irrelevant”.

A dirty brand is now being sold by a revivified “clean presenter” and people need a while to work out why the “clean presenter” is doing it. In a very short period of time however, people may discover that the presenter perhaps isn’t as clean as everybody thought.

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